Radivoje Stevanović       Osnivač firme

Radivoje Stevanović
Company founder

Goran Stevanović           Direktor

Goran Stevanović

Srdjan Stevanović Zamenik direktora

Srdjan Stevanović
Head of Fleet


Based on the need for the works in construction and civil engineering our company is engaged in transportation, works in construction, manufacturing and transportation of concrete, gravel and sand separation, services, construction industry.

ŠILOPROM achieves competitiveness by meeting deadlines, with quality, modern equipment and good organization of work.


  • 1965. The purchase of a truck “threshold” of the army began to work  shop for and handling of goods, to the 1991st pre-registered in the name of today’s “ŠILOPROM”
  • After the first truck another 2 were purchased, and then the loader (loading shovel) and tracked where the company is already starting to serious civil engineering works on the development of roads and terraces for parking.
  • After 1991. The company began to expand rapidly and acquire new, modern machinery and employing more people.
  • 2000th purchased the plant for separation of natural gravel where the separated material was delivered to third parties as well as for their own purposes.
  • In early 2003. The company leases the concrete factory of Military Facilities Construction Kraljevo where it begins with the production and sale of concrete. By the end of the year from its own resources install concrete mixing brands “Gradis” 25m3 capacity on its own site and continue with the production and sale of concrete.
  • After obtaining these plants begin purchasing equipment and vehicles for the transport of concrete and concrete pump discharge, so now we have 2 (two) pumps and 10 (ten) different volume mixer.
  • In 2008. The negotiate soon and install the latest concrete factory in southern Serbia capacity 80m3 / h purchased from well-established companies “SIMI” Mladenovac.

During this time our company has cooperated with many private and public companies in the construction of many roads and paths as follows:

  • Road construction company Nis
  • Civil Engineering Nis
  • South Morava Nis
  • Put Partisan Belgrade
  • Planum Belgrade
  • Construction Directorate SO Lebane
  • Directorate for Construction of Major MA
  • Construction Directorate of Doljevac

Expanding capacity for the production of concrete and equipment have become a serious partner in Nis and the wider area for the construction of residential and commercial buildings